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We combine art and technology, design and engineering to help creators build beautiful, useful and life-changing products.

Amaret Services

We offer services for the creation of hardware products that use low-cost sensors and microcontrollers. Our strength is in our interdisciplinary approach that helps you make integrated decisions during the entire creation process from ideation to prototype development to manufacturing.

We design and implement embedded software (firmware). We design hardware, produce prototypes and prepare for manufacturing. We assist in product ideation, user-experience design and handle management of cross-functional partners.

Amaret Tools

We give life to your ideas with two powerful tools: Pollen and Wind.

Pollen is a powerful open-source programming language we created to modernize the embedded systems software development process, bringing it out of the 1980's and into the 21st century. Wind is a tool we developed to provide our clients with a more agile and productive hardware creation experience. As Wind matures we plan to make it accessible to the public.

We use Pollen and Wind to iterate on hardware ideas quickly and arrive at solutions faster.

Entrepreneurs, Artists & Scientists Alike

We thrive on turning product dreams into reality and understand that hardware is hard regardless of background or experience. Whether you want to produce a consumer product or a scientific instrument – a one-off, a handful or a warehouse full of them – Amaret can help you realize your product vision.

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Contact Us

Amaret is located in San Francisco, California.

Whether you have your sights set on changing the world or changing the course of a single life, we are here to help in both big and small ways.

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