A powerful high-level programming language designed for microcontrollers that is modular, object-oriented, fun to use and easy to learn.

Designed for the world of hardware apps.

Pollen makes microcontroller software development faster and easier. It's made for people of all skill levels as well as microcontrollers of all shapes, and projects of all sizes.



The syntax is clear and clean. Pollen is simple to use and easy to learn.



With core types and libraries for common functionality as well as support for modules, classes, and variable configurations, Pollen makes it easy to reuse code and write reusable code.



With Pollen, you get built in support for multiple hardware targets, as well as language constructs and command line options that make re-targeting your hardware app for new hardware easy.

Pollen is free to use. It's in the cloud - you can run it right now. Pollen core libraries are open source.